Need help shoveling your walk or drive way after the Snow??

Scouts 4 Hire

2nd Fairview Scouts have several young eager volunteers looking to help out with tasks to earn donations in order continue partaking the Scouts club and pay for upcoming camps and activities. If you could use a hand shoveling the driveway or doing some yard work, please consider contacting us and supporting the 2nd Fairview Scouting Club.

You can reach us at our regular email or just contact us here,

2nd Fairview Scouts Recycling Fundraising

Supporting the 2nd Fairview Scouting Club

In order to help provide the best support for our community and children, we are pleased to offer our services in collecting your recyclables and donating all the proceeds to help fund activities for our youths. Items can be donated directly at the John Ross & Sons Ltd recycling Depot on 171 Chain Lake Dr (CLICK HERE for Details). Just let them know it is for the 2nd Fairview Scouts.
We are also pleased to offer our assistance in collecting your glass and plastic bottles, juice containers, beer and pop cans, along with other refundable recyclables through out the area. If you need assistance we would be happy to arrange pick up of items at your convenience.
When you donate your recyclables to this program, you help give the kids an opportunity to participate in various camps and adventures, you also help keep items out of the land fill and ensure they get recycled properly. We will be accepting a wide range of items for this program and greatly appreciate all donations.


  • Glass Bottles - Not Chipped or Cracked
  • Juice Cartoons and Containers
  • Non Dairy Plastic Bottles
  • Beer and Pop Cans
  • Large Batteries
  • Truck Rims
  • Car Rims
  • Electric Motors
  • Other Items
    If you have other metal items or something you think is recyclable that you would like to donate,
    please send us a message and we will get back to you.


2nd Fairview Scouts are selling Popcorn

Scouts popcorn makes a great snack and a perfect gift. If you are interested in pre-ording some popcorn, please sends us an email and we will get in contact with you
Please leave us a message at our regular email or and we will try to arrange a time to meet with you.

Thank You for all the donations

We are continuing to collect bottles so please message us if you have some to pick up

2nd Fairview Scouts Fund raiser Bottle Drive

If you have recyclable bottles, you would like to donate to the Scouts, we can arrange to pick them up on your doorstep or at the end of your driveway
Please leave us a message at and we will try to arrange a time to meet with you.


If you have some items you would like to donate please contact us and we can discuss pick up or delivery options.